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At Grant Race Consulting Ltd, I help my clients to develop and implement tailored product management processes for their businesses. My services are designed to ensure that your product marketing initiatives are successful. With 25 years + of  product marketing experience,  I have a deep understanding of the product management cycle and how to effectively manage risk and deliver results. Let me help you to develop and implement the systems and processes your business needs to succeed.

Develop agile product lifecycle management solutions 

I can assist in the development of an agile product lifecycle management solutions and advise on your current product portfolio,  making recommendation on the right assortment and market fit to maximise your portfolio performance and profitability, making recommendations how to optimise your product market fit.

Launch new products and services with confidence

During the new product development phase it is essential to create assets both physical and digital that maximise the product or services benefits at launch. I will make recommendations on the right market research framework to employ to get the answers you need to launch with confidence. IT doe snot matter if your product is physical, a service of virtual (SaaS), the rigour and processes are fundamentally the same. Reduce ambiguity and take subjectivity out of the equation by employing a customer-centric approach, at all stages of the development and launch, and we maximise the changes of success every time. 


For early stage businesses, by employing a customer first mindset  I can guide in the development of MVP's (minimum viable products) that gives the user experience and information needed to build the final product with confidence. 

Go-to-market with confidence

Getting a go-to-market plan right is essential, and being able to confidently demonstrate product, market fit is key to securing success. Using  an established framework of research techniques I can help  construct messaging strategies and collateral that build credibility with target buyers and instil confidence across all stakeholder groups. Reducing the risk of failure and taking subjectivity out of the sales cycle. 

Setting a marketing strategy that works for you


Formulating a marketing strategy is an important first step for any business. I work with clients to understand the big picture and set the objectives needed to unlock business growth.


By conducting a comprehensive review of the current market position, existing marketing and sales practices, and the competitive factors in play, I can develop a successful framework centred around differentiating your business offer.


As part of the process I will review your marketing tech stack and make recommendations that deliver the most cost efficient solution to automate your processes where necessary.


Developing a marketing plan that delivers results


Having define the strategic direction an effective marketing plan is the next step in business transformation and acts as a road map to delivering success.  I provide a tailored approach, working to develop and implement plans across multiple marketing channels with workable strategies, realistic KPI’s and a framework to measure effectiveness.


Implementing an effective marketing plan  

Having a plan is essential but for it to deliver the results you need, it must be implemented effectively. I  can work with your in-house resource to manage, and monitor the plan for you.  I also work with select specialists in different marketing verticals such as SEO, PPC experts, content creators and web designers, who can execute the various elements of the plan as needed in a timely and highly cost effective manner. 

I will set your KPI’s and provide templates to monitor effectiveness and make recommendations for adaptation of tactics as needed.

All plans are managed using the project management tool of your choice. My tool of choice is ClickUp, which allows easy creation, management and monitoring of tasks.


To find out how I can improve your product marketing processes please get in touch fora free 30 minute consultation.

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