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Develop the Essential Trade Marketing Strategies & Techniques You Need to Succeed

Trade marketing acts as a bridge between marketing, sales and of course the trade, both retailers and distributors. In many businesses this is the route to market for your product or service and it is important to get it right, it can make the difference between product success or failure.  With my expertise in the field, I can assist your business in devising successful strategies and tactics to ensure your sales objectives in this area are met. 

Use the power of market research to unlock buyer needs 


Using market research I can help you develop a solid understanding of buyer personas and market needs. Equally important is a solid understanding of the needs of the trade, I can help you to unlock these. 

Develop effective, customer-centric go-to-market plans for your product offering that deliver results. 

Develop sales tools that inform and instil confidence in both sales teams and buyer. Tools and resources that empower your sales force to deliver impactful pitches that lead to meaningful, objective based decision-making and in turn… lay the foundations for successful product and service launch. 

Develop the tools you need to amplify sales in and drive sales out


Create the educational resources your trade partners need to better understand your products and how to sell them effectively. Including training programs, sales materials, and product information guides.

Develop the sales and marketing collateral that will enable your sales teams to better sell in your product or service to the trade, with compelling evidence based content that sets to differentiate your offer effectively from the competition. 

Develop the on-line content you need to help maximise conversion. The quality and consistency of your digital assets is essential if you wish to succeed on-line, yet many businesses overlook this important element. I will help you create content that converts across multiple channels from Amazon to your own website. 


To find out how I can help your business, please get in touch to arrange a free consultation.


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